World first class R&D • manufacturing company

Kolmar Korea produces “most loved” cosmetics from the customers and is at the center of the fast changing global healthcare trends. Kolmar Korea is the first ODM in Korea that provides comprehensive end-to-end services from trend identification, product planning, product development, product shipment and to product management.

Pharmaceutical R&D Center

  • Bio-Science R&D center
    Kolmar Korea is largest pharmaceutical CMO (Contract Manufacturing Organization) in Korea, and the center of its power is Bio-Science R&D center. Bio-Science Lab is working on new formulations that combine cosmetics formulation technologies and medical indications, developing new drug and incrementally modified drug (IMD), and analyzing method development, developing natural medicines.
  • Seoko Bio-Science R&D center
    Seoko Bio-Science Lab is an R&BD (Research & Business Development) specialist in medicine analysis and cosmetics convergence. R&D workforce is working to develop generic drugs, IMDs and cosmeceuticals as well as methods for analysis and test validation. It also introduces new products from the global market to Korean market.
  • Medicine R&D center
    Kolmar Pharma Medicine R&D center studies bio drugs, natural drugs, IMDs and generic drugs. It is known for obesity treatment and a kidney dialysis drug and specialized in developing target products especially for kids, women or seniors.

Health Functional Food R&D

  • Kolmar Bnh LaH R&D center
    Kolmar BnH Lab is divided into New Ingredient Food Lab for functional food ingredient development and Functional Food Lab for quality management and product customization using various technologies.


  • GMP
    Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice Became first company granted a CGMP certificate from KFDA
  • ISO 9001(Quality Management System)
    Quality management system certificate A system that objectively proves an organization’s will to execute quality control measures and continuously improve customer satisfaction as well as its quality management system
    Combination of innovation and business referring to a small and medium-sized business that has competitive advantages acquired by technological edge
    A certificate that is acknowledged by the EU and proves an agricultural product or a processed agricultural product meets requirements for organic farming
  • LOHAS (Lifestyles Of Health And Sustainability)
    Purposed to improve quality of life through supplying eco-friendly and sustainable goods for customers, and to support sustainable business development through adding value to products and building brands for business
  • HT (new Health Technology)
    A certificate that acknowledges a new health technology either first developed in Korea or improved from existing one ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) A system to manage environmental issues within an organization regarding its activities, products and services
  • ISO 22716
    Cosmetic-GMP-Guideline on Good Manufacturing Practices US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) An organization under the US Department of Health and Human Services that oversees certification of efficacy and stability of foods, drugs and cosmetics

Leader in custom manufacturing for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.

  • Since its inception in April 1994, Viva Pharmaceutical Inc. has built a reputation as a leading manufacturer committed to the production of custom-made pharmaceutical and natural health food products for its customers worldwide.


Viva’s R&D department is comprised of a team of dedicated researchers that are committed to developing new formulation and unique technology. Viva currently holds several approved US patents and there are several more patents currently being processed by the US Patent Office. In addition to professional research, Viva can provide the following services

  • Custom formulation that meets your specific product needs
  • Colour matching of current softgel or tablet product
  • Product development that turns concepts into actual products

Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance team at Viva is committed to ensuring that all activities which may impact product quality, product safety and effectiveness are controlled and monitored. A key tool to maintaining GMP compliance for contract pharmaceutical manufacturing includes strict adherence to written communications such as SOPs, forms, and validation protocols.

Regulatory Affairs

The Regulatory Affairs team is responsible for ensuring that Viva’s corporate quality system and contract manufacturing activities are in compliance with Health Canada, US FDA and other foreign regulatory agency requirements. Viva is committed to keeping current with the latest developments in evolving regulatory agency frameworks.

Quality Control

The Quality Control department at Viva adheres to a strict quality control process to ensure the safety and reliability of all raw materials, final products and packaged materials coming out of its facilities. The department consists of three laboratories: chemical lab, microbiology and heavy metal lab. All staff members are well-trained professionals who hold a doctorate, post-graduate and/or graduate diploma and have several years of experience in related areas.