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Research And Development for Nutraceutical Formulas


Why is research necessary?

In order for the food supplement products to achieve the expected results and respond to the needs of the market, the food supplement manufacturing must be of high quality and safe for the consumers. Which is why research and development of the formulas requires knowledge and expertise in selecting ingredients, which result in effective products and market penetration, as well the creation of customer satisfaction and increased confidence that ultimately creates repeat customers.

Global Partnership

3C Group is a research company and OEM for nutraceutical products. We partner with more than 20 companies globally in order to research new, effective innovations for our customers. Whether it is the matter of conducting research, or new innovation on manufacturing and the selection of ingredients, our desire is to become a leader in nutraceutical innovation, who promotes the research and development of product formulas to meet all customers’ needs.

Research By Experts From All Over The World

3C Group imports nutraceutical ingredients. We have various specialists with a world-class set of skills for research and selecting the ingredients for food supplement products to assure our customers that the imported ingredients we selected have undergone research and studies and meet international standards.

Ingredients Supported By Research And Published In A World-class Magazine

The ingredients we select to produce food supplement products from 3C Group are published in a world-class medical magazine, which creates trust in consumers regarding both the product outcome and their safety.

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Custom Supplement Manufacturing


Innovation in the form of food supplements

3C Group accepts manufacturing orders of food supplement imports. We have partners who are leading manufacturers of food supplements from various countries. Therefore, 3C Group has no limit in their ability to produce innovative supplements through manufacturing, and to comprehensively develop products according to the needs of our clients; whether in the form of capsules, jelly, powder shots, softgels, plant-based softgel capsules, licap capsules (capsules filled with liquid) or chewable tablets, etc. we can take the nature of the ingredients into consideration in order to enhance the efficacy of the essential nutrients for optimal results -- catering to the modern world and to the consumer’s convenience.

Import ingredients and manufacture overseas

3C Group has long-term partners with whom we work closely. We became a distributor by importing nutraceutical ingredients from widely accepted manufacturers. We also provide custom supplement manufacturing both domestically and internationally including in South Korea, Canada, USA and Japan, with factories that meet GMP, ISO and other standards, which show that we are a custom supplement manufacturer that customers can depend on for quality.

3C’s Formulas

3C Group is an OEM for food supplements. We provide nutraceutical formulas that are guaranteed by research and that have historical precedent and success overseas. The formulas come with registration numbers so that the customers who desire to build their brands or develop their products are able to begin production in a timely manner. Furthermore, pre-developed nutraceutical formulas are also available; each formula was developed based on the knowledge and 40+ years of experience from 3C Group along with international experts from factories as well as manufacturing distributors, who distribute extracts for food supplements. Every formula developed by 3C Group can be registered with FDA Thailand and can be sold legally.

Developing a customized formula for you

In addition to distributing nutraceutical ingredients and chemical food supplements, 3C Group also provides support in developing customized nutraceutical formulas. For customers who want to produce exceptional food supplements that align with their market position, and selling points, we can also provide samples to show the taste, scent, color, safety and stability before commencing production, so that our customers can have confidence that their brand’s products will stand out amongst competitors and that they can achieve the results they’re looking for without compromising on safety.