3C GROUP Innovative Nutraceutical Partner

We have more than 40 years of experience importing raw ingredients to use in the food supplement, food, drink, and drug industries. Our extensive experience enables us to truly know the effects of food supplements. Aside from being a distributor of the raw ingredients for food supplements which is our primary business, 3C Group has also expanded its services, at the request of our customers, to assist in the development of new formulas for food supplements that are effective, safe, yield real results, and are on the cutting edge of global standards. Additionally, we provide other services such as registration with the Office of Food and Drug Administration, packaging, providing product specific trends, market research and competitive analysis, which will allow our customers to find their place in the competitive marketplace of food supplement businesses. Our services and product development will allow you to focus fully on selling.

As for food supplement development, 3C Group is able to offer a unique service because of our long term experience working directly with the raw ingredients. We combine the knowledge from our team’s experts with pharmacists and scientists from around the world in order to create food supplements that are innovative, effective, safe, and supported by research to create lasting value for anyone.

  • 3C Group are experts at developing premium grade food supplements for our customer’s brands. We create safe formulas that produce results, perfectly suited for customers who want to create a product with true value that can elevate the food supplement sphere to a new level throughout the country. We are able to produce supplements in factories both in Thailand and in other countries such as South Korea, Canada, etc. Our food supplement formulas are registered and poised for production and can be customized according to each customer’s needs and preferences.
  • 3C Group is a national leader in the raw material importing industry. Our innovations have undergone clinical trials and received various rewards, endorsements, and patents in order to provide solutions for our customers’ various needs
  • 3C Group has a professional R&D team staffed by pharmacists and scientists who are responsible for creating safe formulas that yield real results by combining knowledge with the various innovative ingredients from our Portfolio. We can make products according to our customers’ dosage needs in the form of dissolvable powders, pill bottles, capsules, softgels, sachets, jellies, chewables, and effervescent tablets, giving our customers’ products a compelling selling point. We also offer support by providing expert information and knowledge, so that they will never have to worry about the production end, but will instead be able to focus on selling their product with confidence.
  • 3C Group was established in 1980 by a group of pharmacists with more than 20 years of experience in the field of food supplements, which has been the key to our incredible success in the food supplement market. We are committed to fair service and Biblical principles that reflect the beliefs of management, who are all Christians.
  • 3C Group is 1 of 10 companies in the country trusted with producing food supplements and are the foremost distributor of collagen in Thailand, with the capacity to import more than 150 tonnes each year.


3C GROUP We will lead the way in bringing the food supplements sector to a new level, establishing trust for a lasting quality of life for everyone.


We have 40+ years of experience importing ingredients for the food supplement, drug, and food and beverage industries. The team at 3C is professional, making us trustworthy partners for our customers. We value every department’s contribution and we work side by side with our customers so that our partnership generates high quality supplements for Thai society.

3C values close, long-term relationships with our suppliers, customers, government, and other sectors of society. We believe a ‘win-win’ mentality is what will ensure we can cooperate together smoothly.

Because the management at 3C are all Christians, we believe that everything we think, choose, and do needs to honor the Most High God. We count everything that we possess as a blessing from God, and so we believe we should use those things with Him and for Him. God is the ultimate CEO, and we are just caretakers of this company. It is because of these principles that the managers of 3C believe in managing with righteousness and justice, but above all, love.


Cosmic Concord Corporation Company Limited

Cosmic Co. is the primary business of 3C Group Company. Cosmic is the country’s foremost leader in the field of importing and distributing raw ingredients for food supplements, food and beverages, and pharmaceuticals. We guarantee the quality of our products through the ISO.

When Cosmic Co. started as a business in 1980, it pioneered importing and distributing raw ingredients (APIs) for the production of medical products. From the beginning, we have believed in the importance of quality control and ethical business practices; this is our strong foundation which has allowed the company to grow quickly.

Cosmic Co. chooses ingredients that have value and are innovative without being overpriced, from all over the world. We store them in temperature and humidity controlled warehouses and use delivery vehicles equipped with air conditioning, so that you can be confident in the quality and freshness of the product when it arrives.

Cosmic Co. continues to be trusted as the sole distributor of various products, which are sourced through our international partnerships in countries such as the United States of America, South Korea, Belgium, Norway, France, China, India and others. These partnerships are what allow us to pass on the value generated at the production stage to Thailand’s food supplement industry. But good products must always be paired with good communication, so we ensure our customers are able to understand everything as well as pass on that value to their product’s consumers as well.

Cosmic Co. has several hundred products, categorized into the following three groups:

  1. Health supplements such as: antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, Immuna, and botanical extracts, which support eye-sight, the brain, the liver, joints, bones, etc.
  2. Beauty supplements, such as: Viqua, HACP, Collagen, L-glutathione, CoQ10, which help clear up, whiten, and hydrate skin as well as have anti-aging benefits, etc.
  3. Supplements that promote a good physique, such as: Kionutrime Bloc, Natro G, Leptivate, Eatless, fat blockers, carbohydrate blockers, metabolism boosters, appetite suppressants, etc.

Every ingredient that 3C uses is guaranteed to be 100% safe. We believe in the principle of being righteous and acting justly, and we want to see Thai people become healthier by using our products. Other than the products in the 3C Portfolio that you may already be familiar with, we also carry branded ingredients that have been carefully developed to work with a “Mechanism of Action” backed by clinical studies (vitro and vivo), patents, and awards. When combined in your formula, these ingredients yield incredible results and give you a unique product with an attractive selling point.

Presently, 3C Group’s products have been chosen by all qualified food supplement factories throughout Thailand and have been used as ingredients in food supplements produced by many brands. Cosmic’s Innovation team, which is responsible for developing formulas for our customers, selects only the highest quality ingredients to use in each formula, so that our customers can be confident that the way 3C products are developed will deliver true and lasting value for them within their market.

Alpha Science Limited Company

In order to expand 3C Group’s ability to accommodate our customer’s needs who do not have a factory of their own, Alpha Co. offers the following two services:

  1. We create premixes according to formulas that have been researched and shown to be safe and effective, with each ingredient carefully balanced. Our specific ratios are patented proprietary blends, which 3C Group guarantees the quality of through the ISO and by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards of production.
  2. We partner with factories that have a contract with Alpha Co. to produce quality food supplements according to formulas that have been created by 3C Nutraceutical, so that we are a one-stop-solution for our customers who are looking to expand their existing food supplement line or to start producing a food supplement line. Alpha Co.selects factories that meet ISO and GMP standards both domestically and internationally in places such as South Korea, Canada, Japan, and Germany. Each production location has different expertise, know-how, and technology, so we match the customer’s needs with the capabilities of a particular factory and thereby also raise the level of innovation in Thailand’s food supplement market.

3C Nutraceutical Developer Limited Company

3C Nutra was established to research and develop innovative food supplement formulas, herbal remedies, and traditional medicines based on Thailand’s wealth of wisdom. Each of these newly invented formulas must be determined to be safe, effective, and built on a foundation of published research or laboratory testing (vitro), animal trials (vivo) or human trials (clinical research).

This research wing received sponsorship from the BOI and is a part of 3C Group in order to strengthen its position as a developer of food supplement products for customers. 3C is continually inventing new supplement formulas that are ready for production or customizing formulas according to the customer’s specifications and budget.

3C Nutra prioritizes the invention and development of new food supplement formulas so that we can ensure our customers are fully satisfied in the efficacy, flavor, color, concept, and branding, by allowing customers to test and evaluate whether or not it meets their expectations. This includes evaluation of the product using a Stability Test to determine the product’s stability even before production, meaning you can launch your goods with confidence.