Excellent food supplements must come from innovative ingredients, but they must also be safe.

Due to the dramatic growth of the nutraceutical market, which has become even more competitive, we can provide a number of factors to push your brand ahead of other competitors in the market. One of the many ways to help your brand stand out from the competition is by choosing a specific nutraceutical innovation in tandem with a production process that will create products that are effective in health care, whether that may in the realm of senior health supplements, or innovative nutraceuticals for knee and joint care liver care, or skin care.

Since our food supplement products have outstanding safety and manufacturing, your products will also become widely accepted. Especially in a time where consumers have higher expectations, 3C Group is driven to not only develop nutraceutical innovations that are effective, legal, and scientifically proven, but we also continue to research and develop formulas in order to set ourselves apart as our food supplement products are recognized for their innovative qualities, as well as their efficacy and safety. In addition, our products are supported by research, and have received many awards and patents which are exclusively held by 3C Group. We are also an exclusive distributor aiming to make our products distinctive and credible in the world of nutraceuticals by enhancing the quality and safety of the products on the food supplement market.

It’s because we care about every step of the process

3C Group is one of the big companies, nationally, who imports nutraceutical ingredients. We provide nutraceutical innovation supported by clinical trials, guaranteed by many awards and patents in order to cater to a brand’s every need. In addition, we arrange the shipping and storing process to ensure the efficacy of the ingredients from the very beginning of the manufacturing process. To reassure you that we only select the best for you, we have experts on our supply team who know the source of the ingredients and the best time to purchase those ingredients. Here are some of 3C’s unique ingredients that have become widely recognized and accepted:

    • Collagen

      NISSI Collagen is manufactured in and imported from South Korea; the quality control is in accordance with European Standards.
      UMI Collagen is manufactured with enzymatic technology, and has an exclusive copyright from Japan and is confirmed by 3 certificates: EU, BAP and ASC.
      AQUA COLLA is a collagen with special and distinctive characteristics. It contains up to 96.2% of AMINO ACID CONTENT, and is made with Hydrolyzed Collagen. It is used to develop nutraceutical innovations for knee and joint care as well as for various food supplements for senior health.

    • Super fruit

      An extract from Acai Berry found in Central and South America, near the Amazon River. It is extracted through the Freeze Dry Process at low temperatures, resulting in a fruit extract that is rich in Anthocyanin — 33 times more than from red grapes – even more antioxidants than Vitamin C and Vitamin E. It can also activate your immune system and is very effective in reducing inflammation. It is definitely another valuable nutraceutical innovation for skin care.

    • Beta Glucan

      Beta Glucan is an innovation used for producing and developing food supplements to enhance immunity via the process of Immuna, which is a nutraceutical innovation from Norway. This process helps to increase the quality and efficacy of Beta Glucan, and activates our immune system, increasing function only 1 milligram per day.

    • KioGlucan

      The pinnacle of food supplement innovation from Belgium –  It helps restore and clean the bowels, and improves bowel movement. It also improves bowel conditions, bowel abnormalities and the function of the digestive system when continuously taken for at least 10 days. It also reduces the risk of colon cancer and deters the absorption of fat and cholesterol.

    • Kionutrime Bloc

      This plant-based Biopolymer Extract is known as the best fat burning innovation from Belgium. It passed the efficacy test for burning fat conducted by leading research institutes using the SHIME Test Technique. The result says that it can burn up to 34% of fat and is effective in burning fat up to 800 times more than its weight.

    • Kionutrime SLM

      This is one of nature’s best extracts, as it has the benefit of reducing fat to promote a slimmer body shape. The main ingredients are plant-based chitosan, which is the most innovative fat burning product in Belgium, as well as natural caffeine extract from green tea, which accelerates your metabolism.

    • Innova Tea

      This is a 100% natural extract from a NON-GMO green tea (Camellia sinensis). It is grown without the use of herbicides and is therefore a high purity product imported from the USA. It helps increase your perseverance, prevent you from fatigue, and can also be developed into many other types of products.

Be more confident in our comprehensive service

In addition to carefully selecting ingredients, 3C Group’s team of experts and specialists not only develop nutraceutical formulas that give effective results, but also offer consultation services on food supplement branding from start to finish. Whether you are looking to manufacture food supplements for seniors or for other innovative protein food supplements, we are confident that we are able to help you meet your needs and to bring success to your brand, and ultimately create a truly satisfied customer. This is the reason that 3C Group are true professionals in the food supplement industry.