ODM Service: Custom Food Supplement Manufacturer


With extensive experience in the food supplement industry since 1980, 3C Group companies are determined to develop food supplement products that cater to  customers who desire to manufacture the products and distribute to the market. Our expertise and intensive research has led us to partner with prestigious companies known for their nutraceutical product ingredients from all over the globe. This increases our ability to manufacture food supplements that effectively enhance immunity, beauty, and health as well as to discover new innovations that allow us to provide tailored solutions for our customers. We provide comprehensive service, through custom manufacturing of jelly collagen, detox food supplements, or health care supplements which were handpicked by us, and a production process that achieves world-class standards.

The food supplements we selected are manufactured by our leading partners from more than 20 countries, including manufacturers from South Korea, Japan, Canada, USA where production must meet international standards such as the GMP and ISO. Our manufacturing partners use new innovations supported by clinical trials and are guaranteed by awards and patents from many countries, namely South Korea, Norway, France, Belgium, etc. With our partners, we are able to have access to leading innovations and technology without limits.

ODM Service

The development of premium food supplements is our priority. At 3C Group, we manufacture various custom forms of food supplements, namely manufacturing of supplements for enhancing immunity, detox, knee and joints, health, and beauty supplements through our ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) Service. We provide comprehensive service, including invention, R&D of the formula, and manufacturing finished goods (FG) all catered to you by a team of pharmaceutical experts and scientists from the R&D team who excel in developing food supplements while keeping the safety of the consumers in mind.

Forms of food supplement products

3C Group provides many options for the physical form of these food supplement products as we are able to manufacture custom food supplements with many mediums, such as jellies, dissolvable powders, softgels, bottles, capsules, single sachets, chewable tablets, effervescent tablets, etc. to allow for flexibility and unique selling points for your food supplement products. The technology and innovations also vary in the production process for each different form of food supplements — this helps the production process to be truly beneficial and effective, whether you use an Innovation Dosage Form or a General Dosage Form.


3C Group sees the value of invention and development of innovative forms of food supplement products which help the consumers absorb the supplements quickly. We also offer custom manufacturing of products in the following forms: jelly strip, energy gel, plant-based capsule, power drink shot, oral shot, jelly-based food supplements, softgel and single sachet. We continue to bring innovations to our manufacturing in order to match the latest market trend; it’s convenient, easy to consume, and also contains essential nutrients which can yield excellent results for the consumers. It can also help promote your brand to produce high consumer satisfaction.


In addition, we also have general dosage forms of food supplement products which are custom manufactured by 3C Group. The general dosage forms include tablets, single sachets, dissolvable powders, and capsules to cater to every need of our customers as they build their food supplement brand.

State-of-the-art innovation for maximum efficacy

We pay attention to every detail of the food supplement production; we select excellent ingredients, and invent and develop the research approved formulas so that we meet the needs of the consumer. Furthermore, our specialized production technology allows these formulas to be produced in forms that are best suited to the product, while maintaining safety and efficacy.


We, 3C Group, search for world-class manufacturers who are qualified and trustworthy in order to support the production of various forms of dosage, which ensures our products are always high quality and meet international standards from South Korea and Canada.